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About Us

Freshness Vape Co. was established in early 2016, founded by an ex-smoker with a very acquired taste for E-Liquids, our head honcho was on a mission to find the right E-Liquid but nothing was up to his standards, so he decided to enter the world of DIY back around early 2014 becoming a mixologist.

Today we are a small team who specialise in a premium blend of hand crafted E-Liquids that is proudly brewed and bottled in Sydney Australia. We offer you the Crème de la Crème of dessert flavoured E-Liquids available in this country. Our E-Liquids are strictly made to order when you place an order with us. We offer you a fully custom blend when it comes to your preferred PG/VG ratios with a service called “easy-mix”.

We only use the highest quality ingredients known to the vaping industry such as our vegetable glycerine being palm oil free that is of USP/BP grade and we do not use any alcohol or oil based flavourings.

We started out with our first flavour release “Sweet Darkness” and we received an amazing amount of feedback from it. Today we now offer 5 mouth-watering dessert flavours that offer the most realistic & authentic taste you will experience.

We have the most precise equipment and facility to ensure you get the exact same taste every time you order from us. All of our E-Liquids are very rich, deep, textured, flavourful and multi-layered to bring you a mouth-watering experience.