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Freshness Vapes

Q&A about our E-Liqiuds

Blog Questions and Answers

In this blog we go over the commonly asked questions about our line of E-Liquids


How long has Freshness Vapes been producing E-Liquids?

We have been making E-Liquids since early 2014. We officially launched our own line of E-Liquids back in 2016. All of our recipes are closely guarded.

How good are your E-Liquids?

We believe that our E-Liquids are the best in the country, countless hours where put into developing our line to ensure it brings you a drip tip licking good vape.

Why are your E-Liquids more expensive than others out there on the market?

We actually use premium ingredients such as USP/BP grade palm oil free vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, alongside food grade flavouring ingredients that are manufactured in state of the art facilities. We don’t use oil or alcohol based flavouring.

We mix daily as appose to monthly because we want to ensure the freshest batch gets in your hands (and we mix allot). In addition we offer an “easy-mix” service that no vendor in the country offers. You can suss out our easy mix service at the top menu.

Will you be adding more flavour to your line?