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Why do my new coils keep burning out so quickly?

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Put your needles away and stop poking holes in your coils out of desperation!

This question is something that has been popping up everywhere on forums and social media these past couple of weeks. It’s a question that actually annoys us which we will explain in this blog.

So you’ve taken your time priming your coils, you have spent 2 tanks worth of E-Liquid breaking in the new coil, then shortly after you get that dreaded burning taste, you have even tried poking holes in the cotton, you jump on Facebook asking for advice.

Every day we see on Facebook and the vaping forums “I take my time priming my coils, I break them in slowly but my coil burns out too quickly, WHY?” Then the vaping “elitists” jump on making comments saying: “it’s a crap tank, their crap coils, you need to get into rebuildables, this is why I use an RBA, poke holes in the cotton”.

Now we get this question emailed to us at least twice a day, here’s an email from a customer from another vape shop. (We have redacted the shops name and customer name in order to protect both parties)

The problem is not the tank, not the coil, not the user.


We always ask what % VG E-Liquid they are using, and the most common reply we “Max VG or 70+VG”

Something that allot of people don’t understand is that atomizers (sub-ohm tanks in todays day) that use factory pre-built coils are not properly designed for E-Liquids that have more than 70% VG content. The reason for this is the cotton being used in the coil, the factories use cotton sheets 99% of the time as appose to the more traditional cotton strands/fluff balls and the cotton sheets are tightly packed by the factory workers. What this means is that because the cotton sheets are packed in so tightly from the factories, thick E-Liquid cannot saturate the cotton fast enough with high VG content E-Liquids. Thus creating a dreaded “dry hit” which then leads to a burnt out coil rather quickly.

So what’s the fix?

Stop using high VG content!

99% of the time this fixes their issues of the dreaded burnt out coil too quickly.

Always look for the most logical explanation as appose to people giving you nonsense suggestions and shops trying to sell you another batch of coils. (Which in this industry, good honest help and answers are proving hard to find).

This leads us to the next issue:

“But the E-Liquids my regular vape shops stocks are all 70+VG”

Very simple, ask them to get you lower VG E-Liquids or find another shop that does.