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Easy Mix Information

Easy-Mix is easy as:

  • Gone are the days of doubler calculators
  • Forget the mess of mixing PG/VG
  • Forget trying to squeeze in your nicotine into a pre-mixed E-Liquid with uncertainty
  • Say hello to “Easy-Mix”

    We have made it simple so all you need to do is use the drop down we have provided & input the PG/VG ratio you require, the nicotine strength & base you are using, then finally the nicotine strength you vape at.

    We will blend everything & print a special label for you so all you need to do is add the exact amount of nicotine to the bottle & enjoy our liquids as they were designed for.

    Shake, steep & vape!

    Please note the following:
  • If you require high percentage of PG for mouth to lung style vaping please select “other” & let us know in the comments section when checking out what % PG you require.
  • We will not blend our E-Liquids anything over 75% VG as it reduces the flavour too much & in some circumstances the nicotine you use & final strength may actually force us to have a lower the % of VG you require.
  • If the nicotine you are using is not listed in the drop down, simply select “other” & let us know in the comments section when checking out.

It is illegal to sell & supply nicotine in Australia, Freshness Vape Co. does NOT & will NOT sell or supply any nicotine, so please do not ask us for it.