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Learning Centre

Here at Freshness Vape Co. we have an new learning centre as we know when you first enter the world of vaping it can be somewhat overwhelming.

We answer all commonly asked questions in regards to vaping, from what it is, how they work, E-Liquids, hardware, accessories alongside saftey. We explain how to use everything. The best part about our learning centre is that we have answered each and every question in plain simple English, so even if it is your first time vaping this centre will answer all your questions!

We have covered a massive range of questions that have been asked in the vaping industry. We done something special at Freshness Vape Co. We simplified everything in plain simple English that anyone can read and understand. Our FAQ's are one of the most extensive and informative literature you will read, no other vendor in the country has bothered doing what we have done.

If you don’t see a question we have covered send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will happily answer any other questions you have

If you have not found a question you see you can happily contact us via email and we will happily help you out!