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Atomizer Tanks 101

In this section we go over and answer all common questions in regards to clearomizer tanks and sub-ohm tanks, alongside what they are and how to maintain them.

A clearomizer tank is very simple. It is a sealed unit that holds a coil that is designed to hold e-liquid. The tank screws onto a mod all the tanks have a male 510 threaded screw/pin. There are 1000’s of different tanks on the market, but in the long and the short of it they all do the same thing. Smaller tanks generally use lower wattage coils and have a tighter draw to them, bigger tanks generally use high wattage coils and have a pretty airy draw to them and they can be adjusted to have a tight draw too. You should always disassemble and wash your tanks when new. You should also replace your coil if burnt out or changing flavours. When re-assembling tanks you should put a drop of e-liquid on the O-Rings so it’s easier to screw on and pull apart next time. Think of it like putting a new oil filter on a car, you always lube the O-Ring before tightening the filter.

A "sub-ohm" tank is exactly the same as a clearomizer tank, except the difference being the resistance of coils included in the tank are below 1.0ohm hence the "sub-ohm". A sub-ohm tank generally have coil resistance ranging between 0.15ohms-0.95ohms.

Tanks should be cleaned once a week for hygienic reasons. They should also be cleaned whenever changing flavours.

The only maintenance required from tanks is to be cleaned weekly. Whenever re-assembling a tank you must lubricate any silicone O-Rings with a drop or two of E-Liquid. This ensures that the seals will not break and also makes pulling apart the tank much easier next time you pull apart the tank.