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Charging & Battery Safety 101

In this secition we go over everything about battery safety and charging. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us and we wil help you out. 

The batteries used in vaping devices can be very dangerous if used improperly. It comes down to how the user chooses to use, store and maintain them. Almost any battery in the world used improperly does pose a fire risk. Lithium-Ion (LION) batteries do store massive amounts of energy and if they are used improperly they can do something called “venting” or as other people like to say “they blow up”.  Reported cases of battery venting are when users use an unregulated device with an incorrect custom built coil.

Ohm's Law is the mathematical relationship among electric current, resistance and voltage. 

We strongly suggest the user does plenty of research into this subject before attempting to use. Some tips we suggest is using an “Ohm reader” before using the atomizer on the mod, ensuring your custom coil is has a higher resistance than 0.25ohms for first timers. Ensure your re-buildable atomizer has an extended 510 pin. Finally ensure the battery you are using is capable of supplying at least 20amps. If used improperly you risk venting the battery.

Contact us if you want more advice!

Battery venting occurs when a short circuit occurs or when the user is trying to extract more power from the battery then what it is capable of supplying. Venting is the battery self-destructing.

For example if the user uses a Mechanical Unregulated Mod with a custom coil that requires at least 40amps with of power but only uses a battery that can only supply 15amps of power, it stresses the battery causing it to “vent”. (Similar like a heart attack, if you stress the heart it has an attack). The other way of venting is caused by short circuits, when a short circuit heats up the battery and causes the battery vent at an incredible rate as if it is exploding.

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony

We strongly suggest you purchase legitimate batteries and do NOT purchase clones. We strongly suggest NOT using any other brands other than the ones mentioned above.

Well to be honest it’s very hard to tell 100% unless you de-construct the battery which we strongly DON’T suggest. Clone factories are very good in making counterfeit products. Research can be done online to find out if it’s a clone or not. The best way to avoid this is we recommend is to buy from trusted vendors.

Check for any rips or tears on the outside battery wrap. Check for any corrosion on the terminals and also check for any signs of damage such a dents on the battery. If you have any dents on the battery we strongly suggest you cease to continue using them and dispose of them safely.

If you have any wraps or tears on the battery wrap, the user must replace the wrap with a new wrap.

So long as your battery is not damaged replacing the wrap requires only a heat gun or hair dryer. It’s a matter of peeling the old battery wrap, replacing the battery terminal insulator and replacing the wrap. Then heat up the new wrap until it shrinks itself on the battery.

If the battery wrap is un-even and not protecting the battery terminals, start again until you get it right. However extreme caution must be exercised when doing this, we only recommend replacing battery wraps if you are experienced enough to do so.

Number 1 rule is to never ever leave batteries (even if there in the mod) in the car or in hot conditions. Whenever you have finished using your batteries we recommend always storing them in a protective case such as a battery holder. Never ever store “loose” batteries in your pocket as coins and keys alongside the fabric of your clothing can cause a static charge causing it to vent.

If you’re going away for a long time we strongly suggest you use the batteries until about 25% charge is remaining and then storing the batteries in a battery holder and storing them in a fire proof metal safe case/container. This can be a small metal box (again the batteries must be in a battery holder that is made out of plastic), then place the box somewhere where it will be cool away from other fire hazards. Or give them to a friend who vapes and let them use them.

If the battery is in good condition then yes they are safe to charge with the right charger. Now with most battery chargers in today’s day and age they come with inbuilt protection to stop things like venting happening whilst charging, such as auto charge cut off and reverse polarity protection. Most chargers will stop charging once a battery has been fully charged. But it doesn’t mean it gives it protection whilst charging.

User error can cause a battery to vent when charging. Things such as charging on carpet, near water or in hot conditions can cause a battery to vent. Charging the battery too quickly is one the biggest causes for concern. If you charge a battery too quickly it will heat up and possibly vent. For example most chargers sold in the vaping industry have the option to charge at 0.5amps and 1amp. These charging rates are perfectly safe for most 18650 sized batteries. Some of the higher end chargers can charge up to 2amps. Whilst this chargers the batteries faster it does reduce the overall life expectancy of the battery. Higher levels of caution must be exercised when charging at 2amps. It is up to the user to research and find out what the max AMPERAGE (AMP) charge rate is safe for the battery.

Another cause for a battery to vent is due to the battery terminals and wraps are damaged so when they make a connection with another metal part it causes a short circuit causing the battery to vent.

Finally the last and foremost important subject on this question is CLONE (fake) batteries. Do not under any circumstances purchase or use CLONE batteries EVER! Whilst some vendors in this country offer batteries at stupidly low prices at almost too good to be true prices, most of the time they are probably a CLONE. Clone batteries are poorly made and the manufacturer of the clone battery does not have any regard for safety for the person buying it.

To charge your batteries you must ensure your batteries have cooled down. Do not charge freshly used batteries. Give them at least 30mins to cool off. Check to inspect the battery, wrap or terminal is not damaged. Once clear proceed to use an approved charger.

Do NOT under any circumstances charge a removable battery though the mod always remove the battery from the mod before charging!

  • Do NOT charge whilst un-attended
  • Do NOT charge near or around water
  • Do NOT charge on carpet
  • Do NOT charge a damaged battery
  • Do NOT charge a vented battery
  • Do NOT charge near dangerous or flammable chemicals or materials
  • Do NOT put the batteries backwards in the charger
  • Ensure your charger cable is NOT damaged

Always remove your battery once it is fully charged and allow it to cool down before you procced to use it.

Finally never ever charged a damaged or vented battery.

In this case it’s very simple, use the approved cable that is supplied in the box and proceed to follow the instructions supplied in the box. But as always let the internal battery cool down before you go to charge it.