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How do I prime and coil and break them in?

Coils must be primed before being used, if the user does not prime the coils correctly the coil will burn out. The user should replace the coil whenever changing E-Liquid flavours, tasting dry or burnt out and simply stop working. To prime a new coil the user need to saturate the cotton with E-Liquid, in order to this the user needs to apply one drop of E-Liquid at a time to the cotton until all of the cotton starts to look “wet”. This can range from 5-30+ drops depending on the manufacturer of the coil. The user should take their time doing this and not rush. The user then needs to screw the coil into the base of the tank and assemble the rest of the tank. The following steps will need to be performed once the tank is assembled:

  • The user then needs to close off the airflow completely
  • Fill up the tank with E-Liquid
  • Once full the user needs to seal off the tank (screwing the top fill mechanism back on)
  • With the airflow still closed the user should take a “dry pull” 2-3 times for 1-2 seconds (this will ensure enough E-Liquid has saturated the cotton)
  • The user can then screw the coil onto the mod
  • Open up the airflow
  • Turn the mod "ON"
  • Start at low wattage (5watts), press the firing button and inhale for 2-3 seconds then release the firing button, then exhale. Repeat this step 3-4 times. Then increase another 5watts (now up to 10watts). Keep repeating this step until the user reaches their desired preferences. This process will take some time, though it will ensure the coil has broken in properly. This process take about 1-2 tankful’s of E-Liquid, do not rush this step, always start at 5watts regardless of the resistance the coil is. Even though no vapour will be produced at 5watts on a 0.15ohm coil it is still new. The slower the user takes it, the longer the coil should last.

Please note: While breaking in the new coil, it is not unusual for the flavour to taste off and weak and produce little vapour. Most coils will work fine on a 50pg/50vg mix of E-Liquid. However some bigger tanks such is the Smok TFV4 “may” get spit back with a high PG based E-Liquid (70PG/30VG), if this is the case it is suggested to move up to a 50PG/50VG E-Liquid blend. Though this is in very rare circumstances. Do not under any circumstances go over the recommended max wattage of the coil as this will cause it to burn out.

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