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What is Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL) Coils, What is “Sub-ohm” and how do they work?

Mouth to Lung (MTL) means the coil is generally a low wattage coil with a usable range from 5-20watts depending on the manufacturer, MTL coils usually have a resistance value of 1.20ohms-1.80ohms. MTL coils are designed for low wattage as they have a tight (narrow) pull (airflow) to it. MTL coils mimic smoking a cigarette as the user needs to inhale with the mouth first, then into the lungs. MTL coils generally require a higher mg strength of nicotine as the nicotine delivery is quiet low as MTL coils produce very little vapour and have much less E-Liquid consumption compared to a DL coil. (the more vapour the more nicotine delivery the user receives). MTL coils generally don’t use much power and can extend battery life when compared to DL coils. Also to note the most MTL coils cannot handle high VG E-Liquids. It is best to stick with 50/50 PG/VG ratios with MTL coils.

Direct Lung (DL) means the coil is generally a medium to high wattage coil with a usable range from 20-200+watts depending on the manufacturer, DL coils usually have a resistance between 0.15-0.95ohms.  Most DL coils have a resistance value of less than 1.00ohm, hence being named “sub-ohm”. DL coils have a much wider internal bore to them with much wider airflow because of this design DL coils can have a very airy pull/draw to somewhat semi-restricted. With most sub-ohm tanks on the market now they tanks have adjustable airflow. So if the user does prefer a somewhat MTL style draw/pull/drag it’s a matter of adjusting the airflow to restrict it, though the wattage will need to be lowered as the reduced airflow will create more heat and more flavour. When vaping DL style (wide open air flow) towards the higher wattage 50+ more power will be required to heat up the coil, this will produce more vapour. DL coils generally use allot of power and can drain batteries rather quickly.  Because of the higher vaper production from a sub-ohm coil the nicotine delivery will be much higher when compared to MTL coils, the user may need to lower the nicotine mg strength. Please note that sub-ohm (DL) coils can handle up to 80VG/20PG E-Liquid depending on the maker of the coil.

While it may seem confusing the user can refer to this simple pros/cons below

MTL Coils 1.2ohm-1.80ohms


  • Less E-Liquid Consumption
  • Less Battery Consumption (higher battery life)
  • Less Vapour Production (great for stealth vaping)


  • Limited to a tight draw/drag
  • Limited flavour output
  • Limited Coil Options


DL Coils 0.15ohm-0.95ohms (Sub-Ohm)


  • More Flavour Output
  • More Vapour Production
  • More Airflow Options


  • More E-Liquid Consumption
  • More Battery Consumption (less battery life)


Please note: Coils need time to be primed and broken in.

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