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E-Liquid Doublers, what are they and can I add nicotine to them?

E-Liquid doublers are very simple. They contain double the flavour concentrate with only half the amount of PG and VG in the bottle, in Australia “doublers do not contain any nicotine”. (A 15ml doubler will mix up to 30mls) they are made this way so the user can mix whatever PG/VG ratios they prefer in addition the user can add their desired nicotine into the “doubler” (if they choose to) without diluting the flavour at all. Think of doublers as cordial (you add water to cordial concentrate dilute it, except instead of water you need to add PG, VG and nicotine).  

Freshness Vape Co. is so awesome we now offer an “easy mix” solution for all our E-Liquids.

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