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How can I mix a “doubler”, is it hard and do I need any special tools or calculators to do it?

Mixing doublers is easy with the right tools and information. The user has 3 options to go about mixing doublers. Freshness Vapes has a doubler calculator on our website. It is as simple inputting your requirements.

  • The first option and most recommended option because of its accuracy, less mess and ease is to mix by gram weight. Digital scales can be purchased from most electronic hardware shops and online in and around Australia for less than $20, a scale up to 200grams is more than adequate. Once the user has all their E-Liquids and hardware they need to use a doubler calculator and punch in all the numbers on our doubler calculator.


A basic step by step guide on how to use a doubler calculator:

  • 1st The user needs to the input the doubler millilitres (ml) (eg15ml doubler)
  • 2nd The user needs to input in the E-Liquid Doubler PG/VG ratio (eg 50/50)
  • 3rd The user needs to input their desired PG/VG ratio (eg 40/60)
  • 4th The user needs to input their Nicotine mg strength (eg 100mg) and take strong note if their Nicotine is PG or VG based as these have 2 different values. (eg the user will input 100% PG base)
  • 5th The user needs to input their desired mg strength (eg 3mg)


Once this information has been put into the doubler calculator, the calculator will then display the required values for each competent (PG/VG and/or nicotine).

Please note: If the user does not desire any nicotine in their E-Liquid they must make sure the desired mg strength is ZERO.

Now let’s say the user uses the above information the doubler calculator should display the following information:

  • Required PG to add: 3.74g
  • Required VG to add: 13.23g
  • Required PG Based Nicotine to add: 0.93g

This means the user would need to add the above values to the doubler.

If the user is unsure about the weights being displayed the user can use another doubler calculator that displays (ml) and not gram weights and work of this formula:

  • 100% VG weight: 1.26 grams per ml
  • 100% PG weight: 1.038 grams per ml
  • 100% 100MG PG Based Nicotine: 1.0352 grams per ml

Now working with ml with the above information, the doubler calculator should display the following information

  • Required PG to add: 3.60ml
  • Required VG to add: 10.50ml
  • Required 100% PG Based Nicotine: 0.90ml

Now time for some maths:

  • 100% PG: 3.60(ml) X by 1.038(gr) = 3.73 grams
  • 100% VG: 10.50(ml) X by 1.26(gr) = 13.23 grams
  • 100% 100MG PG Based Nicotine: 0.90(ml) x by 1.0352(gr) = 0.93 grams


Please note: It is okay to have +- of 0.01 grams as this amount is very negligible. 


  • The second option available is to mix by millilitres (ml). The same methods as mentioned above in the first option will apply to this, expect the user will require measuring equipment such as a syringe for small batches and beakers with large batches. The problem with doing this method is that it becomes more time consuming for the user, more mess and more costs. The accuracy is also reduced substantially compared to mixing by weight due to more chance of user error and the printing on the syringe may not be as accurate, plus there will always be small tiny amounts of PG/VG and/or nicotine left in the syringe that should have gone into the e-liquid. If mixing by ml the user must never mix the syringe, the user must have at least 3 dedicated syringes to avoid cross contamination. Once mixing has been completed it is recommended the user disposes of the syringes safely to avoid contamination with future mixes. 


  • The third and final option is for the user to make their own large batch (500ml +) of only PG/VG and/or nicotine to their own desires/requirements that will be used to mixed doublers. The user will need to use a “DIY E-Liquid Calculator”, which works very similar to a doubler calculator except the user will only need to input the PG/VG and nicotine requirements they require. Then the user will need to divide the PG and VG by half because it is going into a doubler (remember a doubler has twice the flavouring in half the bottle, E-Liquid makers half the PG/VG ratios so the user can mix to their preferences.


The user will need to input the information into the DIY E-Liquid Calculator, an example below:

  • Amount to make: 500ml
  • Desired PG: 40%
  • Desired VG: 60%
  • Desired Nicotine Strength: 3mg
  • Nicotine Strength: 100mg
  • Nicotine Base: 100% PG


The following numbers will be displayed

  • Required PG: 185ml/191.66gr
  • Required VG: 300ml/378.3gr
  • Required Nicotine 100mg (100% PG Base): 15ml/15.54gr


The nicotine will remain unchanged in this instance because it is going into a doubler (doublers include half the PG/VG ratio with no nicotine), the user will then need to divide the PG and VG by half. Which should work out to the following numbers below:

  • Required PG: 92.50ml/95.83gr
  • Required VG: 150ml/189.15gr
  • Required Nicotine 100mg (100% PG Base): 15ml/15.54gr (do not divide this number)


Once the user has made a batch, it is best to let it steep for 1 day before adding it to a doubler, the user simply uses a doubler calculator, then adds the total required numbers of PG/VG and/or nicotine and simply adds that to the doubler. Using a doubler calculator take the first example shown below:

  • 15ml doubler 50/50 PG/VG Ratio
  • Desired PG/VG of 40/60
  • Desired Strength in PG Based Nicotine: 3mg

After inputting that information into a doubler calculator, it should display the following information:

  • Required PG to add: 3.74g/3.60ml
  • Required VG to add: 13.23g/10.50ml
  • Required PG Based Nicotine to add: 0.93g/0.90ml


The user will add those numbers up and add the total number to the doubler should be:

  • 3.74g+13.23g+0.93g= 17.90gr


  • 3.60ml+10.50ml+0.90ml=15ml

This makes mixing many E-Liquid doublers very easy, though it limits the user’s ability to adjust the PG/VG ratio of the doubler, (unless they make another separate batch of another PG/VG ratio). Another issue with this is that the batch of PG/VG and/or nicotine should be used or disposed of safely within a 3 month period. 

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