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So what is “easy mix” and can Freshness Vape Co. add nicotine for me?

Easy-Mix is easy as:

  • Forget trying to calculate your doublers
  • Forget the mess of mixing PG/VG
  • Forget trying to squeeze in your nicotine into a pre-mixed E-Liquid with uncertainty.
  • Say hello to “Easy-Mix”

Option 1:

If you don’t vape with any nicotine simply just tell us in the comments section when checking out “Option 1” and your desired PG/VG Ratio and we will blend your E-Liquid to your desires.

(Example in the comments section when checking out: Option 1, 40PG/60VG)

Option 2:

If you vape with nicotine simply just tell us the following when checking out:

  1. The strength of nicotine you use (eg 100mg)
  2. The base your nicotine is (eg 100% PG)
  3. The strength you vape at (eg 3mg)
  4. The PG/VG Ratio you desire (eg 40PG/60VG)

(Example in the comments section when checking out: Option 2, 1. 100mg, 2. 100% PG, 3. 3mg, 4. 40PG/60VG)

Then what we will do is we will blend your E-Liquids exactly to the information you have given us and we will write down on your invoice EXACTLY how much nicotine YOU need to add to your bottles of E-Liquids in Millilitres (mls) and Grams (gr)

Please note: It is illegal to sell and supply nicotine in Australia, Freshness Vapes cannot and will NOT sell or supply any nicotine. Please do not ask us for it! 

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