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Where can I buy nicotine from and how do I import it?

Due to the legal issues and implications currently here in Australia, Freshness Vape Co. cannot comment on where to purchase your own nicotine from. The advice given below is only general advice that is freely available to every person in Australia, the below information is not the advice of Freshness Vape Co. directly.

“mg stands for Milligram”

  • Look for something that is 100% PG or 100% VG based Nicotine at NO MORE than 100mg in Strength. Make sure the Nicotine is Pharma grade PG or VG (USP Grade or BP Grade). Anything lower than Pharma Grade is of a lower quality.
  • Find a reputable vendor (outside Australia) who makes their own Nicotine. The highest quality nicotine is diluted in pharma-grade PG/VG.
  • Do some basic research into the brand and check out the reviews and feedback. Look for someone who has been in business for a long time. American vendors/suppliers/manufactures have proven high quality and consistent Nicotine with appropriate warnings, labels and lids. It has been known some that some suppliers/vendors/manufactures in China have been freely and happily supplying NEW un-experienced and un-educated users with 1000mg nicotine with little to no warning.
  • The user should get a doctor’s prescription before attempting to import nicotine
  • Do not import more than a “3month” supply of Nicotine.
  • Purchase a few smaller empty bottles to break the Nicotine down into, it makes handling Nicotine much easier compared to 1 big bottle.
  • Get the fastest possible shipping method as Nicotine will quickly go “off” and can spoil under long, hot, humid conditions. Do not be a cheap on shipping as you may end up paying double if the bottle of Nicotine sits in transit for too long.
  • Check the batch number and ensure it is not expired! If it is expired though very rarely, do contact the vendor, reputable American vendors usually replace free of charge if this is the case.
  • It is up to the user to check the rules, regulations and laws in regards to importation of nicotine as each state and territory has different laws, rules and regulations.


Please note: There is not set quantity for a 3month supply. 1 litre of Nicotine in 100mg of strength could potentially last a user about 1 year if they require lower Nicotine mg strength eg 1-3mg, though a user who requires 36mg in strength, 1 Litre of 100mg Nicotine may only last 3 months.

One of the best brands of nicotine we have found comes from “Nude Nicotine”.

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