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Rebuildable Atomizers

In this section of our learning centre we go over the most commonly asked questions about rebuildable atomizers.

Rebuild-able atomizers are for the more experienced users. They work very similar to standard atomizers except you need to make your own “custom” coil and “wick” the coil. Building and wicking takes time, concentration, patience and steady hands. Before using your fresh build on a mod you must check the resistance of the coil with an ohm reader.

They come in 3 types:

  • Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer (RDA)
  • Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer (RTA)
  • Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA)


Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) is a atomizer that has a small juice well, requires you to make your own coils by hand and wick your own cotton. When done correctly the flavour is second to none but on the down side hold very minimal juice and can get messy.

Re-buildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) is a atomizer that has a very similar design of a clearomizer/sub ohm tank except you make your own coils. It holds more E-Liquid than a RDA but slightly less flavour than an RDA. Wicking these correctly can take allot of time.

Re-buildable Dripper Tank Atomizer is a atomizer that is new and is taking over the “RDA’s and RTA’s” market, basically the 2 of them got into a fight with each other and came back looking like this. RDTA’s require you to build your coils and wick your cotton by hand (exactly like an RDA) expect it has a E-Liquid tank at the bottom of it, you get the best of both worlds.

There are many different ways to wick your custom made coil, it all depends on the atomizer you are using. A simple rule for wicking is:

·         Use good quality vaping cotton

·         Have clean hands

·         Cut the cotton in strips about 4-5cm long and slightly wider than the internal diameter of the coil

·         Lick your fingers and twist one end of the cotton strip end to a point so that you can feed the cotton through the inside of the coil

·         Pull the cotton strip until it is centred

·         Snip off excess cotton

·         Tuck cotton into wicking holes/channels

·         Prime your cotton/wick


Note: If the cotton pulls through too effortlessly it will not feed enough E-Liquid to the coil and will leak, if the cotton pulls through too tightly it will not wick properly and cause a “dry hit”.