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How can I wick my custom made coil?

There are many different ways to wick your custom made coil, it all depends on the atomizer you are using. A simple rule for wicking is:

·         Use good quality vaping cotton

·         Have clean hands

·         Cut the cotton in strips about 4-5cm long and slightly wider than the internal diameter of the coil

·         Lick your fingers and twist one end of the cotton strip end to a point so that you can feed the cotton through the inside of the coil

·         Pull the cotton strip until it is centred

·         Snip off excess cotton

·         Tuck cotton into wicking holes/channels

·         Prime your cotton/wick


Note: If the cotton pulls through too effortlessly it will not feed enough E-Liquid to the coil and will leak, if the cotton pulls through too tightly it will not wick properly and cause a “dry hit”.

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