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Regulated Mods 101

In this section of our learning centre we go over the most common questions being ask about regulated mods.

A mod is an electronic device that requires a battery and a atomizer. A mod is part of an Advanced Personal Vaporiser. The mod sends power to the tank/atomizer causing E-Liquid to heat up thus producing vapour. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. A mod comes in 2 forms:

  • Regulated
  • Un-Regulated

Regulated mods come in Variable Wattage (VW) and Temperature Control (TC). They require 1 or more batteries to be used. In today’s market most regulated Mods come inbuilt with both VW and TC so the user can choose what they want. The power is regulated being sent to the atomizer/tank is fully regulated hence the term “regulated”. Regulated mods consist of 3 buttons. First button is the "firing" button the other two buttons are for the user to adjust the power up or down.

An un-regulated mod is also known as a “mechanical mod, mech mod, mech box mod” they are usually of a tubular or box style design. They are simple pieces of housing with no electric circuitry what so ever and only consist of a firing switch. This sends fully un-regulated power to the atomizer.
They require custom built coils with rebuild-able atomizers. They can never be used with standard tanks/atomizers with factory production coils.

Un-regulated mods are only for very well experienced users and must never ever be used for first timers. Great research and study must be done before attempting to use an un-regulated mod.

If used improperly un-regulated mods pose a battery fire risk. We strongly suggest against using these devices if you have never used them before. We also have a Mechanical Mods 101 section in our FAQ’s over here:       


Variable wattage is the wave length the mod sends power to the atomizer coil. VW mode is simple and easy to use and adjust. The user needs to determine the coil recommended wattage specs and must not exceed them. The coil specs are always written on the coil and it will include the following information: 0.50ohm 20-60watts. So the user must ensure they do not exceed 60 watts whenever using that coil. Otherwise they risk burning it the coil too quickly and can cause the coil to heat up so rapidly that it disintegrates in a few seconds (you don’t want to be inhaling that if or when it does happen). Simply the higher the wattage the warmer the E-Liquid will be heated too, thus producing more vapour production (clouds).

You must never use Temp Control coils in Variable Wattage mode.

Temperature Control (TC) is the wave length the mod sends power to the atomizer coil. It works very similar to Variable Wattage (VW) however the wave length is different, TC allows the user to set a temperature they prefer and the mod will regulate the power to ensure it does not exceed the temperature the user dials in. TC coils have 2 bits of information on them, for example on the coil it will have first is the temp range which will say: 300-600F then: 40-60watts, (it’s like a 2 stage system).

TC coil wires consist of either Stainless Steel (SS) SS316L, Ni-Chrome (NC) Ni80 or Ni200 or Titanium (TI). The user will need to dial in that data into the mod before using.

The steps involved would be:

  1. Select the type of wire
  2. Select the temperature range
  3. Select the wattage range

There is a bit more steps involved with TC as oppose the VW mode which is a set and forget style.