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What is Temperature Control (TC)?

Temperature Control (TC) is the wave length the mod sends power to the atomizer coil. It works very similar to Variable Wattage (VW) however the wave length is different, TC allows the user to set a temperature they prefer and the mod will regulate the power to ensure it does not exceed the temperature the user dials in. TC coils have 2 bits of information on them, for example on the coil it will have first is the temp range which will say: 300-600F then: 40-60watts, (it’s like a 2 stage system).

TC coil wires consist of either Stainless Steel (SS) SS316L, Ni-Chrome (NC) Ni80 or Ni200 or Titanium (TI). The user will need to dial in that data into the mod before using.

The steps involved would be:

  1. Select the type of wire
  2. Select the temperature range
  3. Select the wattage range

There is a bit more steps involved with TC as oppose the VW mode which is a set and forget style.

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