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The Basics of an E-Ciggarette / Vapouriser

We have summed up the most commonly asked questions in the industry.

Whilst being a retailer in this industry in Australia we are un-able to make a "legal" statement in regards to this question at this present time. The media has portrayed this industry as "dangerous because they catch fire, blow up in your face, cause cancer, cause pop-corn lung" and all sorts of other statements. What we can say is with enough digging around on the web and asking people who actually vape these sorts of questions you will soon come to find that the media's interpretation of these topics are simply not true. Most instances of e-cigs blowing up are due to user error!

There are studies being conducted around the world, some countries have allowed E-Liquids containing nicotine to be sold, they have been tested and proven that they are a more successful alternative to help quit smoking. Researchers there have done their studies and tests and proven "vaping" to be a safer alternative to smoke. However in Australia we are un-able to make this statement at this present time.

Australia is still conducting its own research into this and so far they have not released any "real" proof stating that it is dangerous hence why the laws remain un-changed (pretty harshly negative for you the user).   

Follow the money and you will find your answers.

A drip tip is the mouthpiece that is interchangeable with other drip tips.

Vaping is simply when a user uses a e-cig or vaping device, the user inhales from the device, the device heats up E-Liquid, then the exhales "vapour".

An Electronic cigarette is simply an electronic hand held device that heats up E-Liquid. The user will inhale then exhale vapour.

There are 3 types of Electronic cigarettes, and they all work differently.

First: are known as E-Cig’s and Cig-a-Likes. Most of these are simple hand held electronic devices that are pre-filled with e-liquid from the manufactures, their primary shape is of a round cylinder similar to a cigarette. They have a short lifespan and generally are not replaceable, some “new” types have replaceable cartridges and an inbuilt rechargeable battery. They work by delivering e-liquid (nicotine and food flavouring ingredients) to the user via an aerosol vapour every time the user takes a “puff”. They are not as effective delivering nicotine compared “Advanced Personal Vaporisers” do.

Second: are known as “Personal Vaporizers” or “Starter Pens”. They are 2-3 times larger than a cigarette, they have an inbuilt rechargeable battery though some “new” designs come with replaceable rechargeable batteries, the “tank” is inbuilt to the unit itself. Inside the tank the user will find a “coil” that will heat up E-Liquid when the user presses the firing button. They are very simple to use and maintain but come with very little options for user customization though the big pro is the user can choose what E-Liquid they prefer.

Third: are known as “Advanced Personal Vaporizers” (APV). They are electronic hand held devices that are made from many different components, in order to build an APV the user needs 5 key items, to keep it simple we will explain below:
st The user requires a “Mod”, this is an electronic hand held device, they come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They have full user programmability. Imagine the Mod being the CPU of a computer, it does all of the work.

2nd The user requires a rechargeable battery to insert into the mod in order to power it.

3rd The user requires a charger to charge the battery (when not in use).

4th The user requires a “Clearomizer”, they also known as “Tanks/sub-ohm tanks, Clearos, Atomizers, Attys” they basically hold the E-Liquid, the clearomizer screws onto the mod, they come in many different shapes and sizes. They include “coils” that will heat up the E-Liquid every time the user presses the firing button, thus creating vapour.

5th The final item is “E-Liquid”, there are thousands upon thousands of different flavoured E-Liquids out on the market the user can choose.

APV’s allow the user to choose all their components that will best suit them and their “vaping” style, with one of the biggest pro’s is the user being choosing what E-Liquid and what nicotine strength they prefer. The only con of an APV is the initial start-up cost to build your own APV, but once you have all the key items for an APV, the ongoing costs are considerably much cheaper compared to cigarettes in Australia.