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Un-Regulated Mods

In this section we go over the common questions being asked about un-regulated "mechanical" mods.

An un-regulated mod is also known as a “mechanical mod, mech mod, mech box mod” they are usually of a tubular or box style design. They are simple pieces of housing with no electric circuitry what so ever and only consist of a firing switch. When the user presses the switch it sends fully un-regulated power from the battery to the atomizer. They require custom built coils with rebuild-able atomizers. They can never be used with standard tanks/atomizers with factory production coils.

Un-regulated mods are only for very well experienced users and must never ever be used for first timers. Great research and study must be done before attempting to use an un-regulated mod.

If used improperly un-regulated mods pose a battery fire risk. We strongly suggest against using these devices if you have never used them before. 

If you genuinely want to get into using these devices please send us an email so we can talk you out of it (haha only joking), we are more than happy to guide you through just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you out.

If used improperly YES! They are dangerous and will cause the battery to vent out as seen on the news. If used correctly they are fairly safe but they still do pose a risk being un-regulated.

To safely use an un-regulated mod you must research, learn and understand:

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Battery Safety
  • Building your own coils
  • The types of wire you can use
  • The difference between wire gauges
  • Checking the resistance of your coil with an ohm reader
  • Ensuring your custom built coil does not exceed the battery amperage limit
  • Ensure you use a rebuild-able atomizer with an EXTENDED 510 PIN!


If it is your first time using an un-regulated device and you really want to get into it, please send us an email and we will happily assist you.

LABOUR! Good quality mechanical mods take a great amount of time to be made, usually the higher end ones are handmade. High end mech mods will have "vent holes" located in the button to allow a battery to vent safely incase the battery is short circuted or overheated.